Foreign media (and translations)


30 December: Halya Coynash, “Russian historian of Soviet terror arrested on chillingly cynical charges”, Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group



23 February: [Sergei Krivenko], “Human Rights Council is monitoring the prosecution of  Dmitriev”, Rights in Russia (R Source:

15 March: Halya Coynash, “Russian historian of the Terror, jailed after Soviet-style denunciation, faces new charges”, Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group


27 April: Elizaveta Mayetnaya, “The case of Yury Dmitriev: ‘He always expected an attack’,” Radio Svoboda (re-posted by Rights in Russia)

11 May: Anna Yarovaya, “The Yuri Dmitriev Affair”, The Independent Barents Observer (R Source: 7×7 – Horizontal Russia) — Long Read *


3 June: Tatiana Kosinova, “Terror in the Life of Yuri Dmitriev”, The Russian Reader (R source: — Long Read *

6 June: Štěpán Černoušek, “He gathered evidence of Soviet atrocities, and found some Czech victims of those crimes. Now the inconvenient historian has been accused of child pornography”, (in Czech), via Memorial Ceska republika

9 June:  Halya Coynash, “Russia puts Historian of the Soviet Terror on Trial”, Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group

12 June:  Zoya Svetova, “Dmitriev and the Dragon from the Great Terror”,  Rights in Russia (R source: Open Russia). Interviews with Victor Anufriev, Sergei Krivenko and Alexander Daniel

21 June:  John Crowfoot, “Who is Yury Dmitriev – why is he facing 15 years’ imprisonment?” Rights in Russia (original text)


11 July: Gleb Yarovoi, “Petrozavodsk picket in support of the arrested researcher Yuri Dmitriev”, 7×7 – Horizontal Russia

18 July:   Howard Amos, “Anti-Stalin historian Yuri Dmitriev is accused of paedophilia”, The Times (London). Read full text here

24 July: Sabra Ayres, “An outspoken researcher of Stalin’s crimes fights for his own fate and freedom in Russia”, Los Angeles Times


3 August: Alec Luhn, “Gulag grave hunter unearths uncomfortable truths in Russia”, The Guardian (London)

4 August: Sergei Markelov, “Karelian historian Yuri Dmitriev recognized as political prisoner”, Independent Barents Observer

4 August: Halya Coynash, “Jailed historian of Stalin’s Terror declared a political prisoner in Putin’s Russia”, Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group

10 August:  Simone Brunner, “A historian on trial: the dead of Sandarmokh”, (“Historiker vor Gericht: Die Toten von Sandarmoch”, in German)

15 August: Emmanuel Grynszpan, “Moscow is silencing the critics of Stalin”, Le devoir (“Moscou fait taire les critiques de Staline”, in French)

31 August: “Petrozavodsk court examines another witness”, 7×7 – Horizontal Russia

Journalists from Sweden at courthouse.


4 September: Natalia Shkurenok, “The historian who dug too deep”, Open Democracy / Russia

7 September: “Defence demand new assessment of the photographic evidence”, 7×7 – Horizontal Russia — https://7×

16 September: “Сourt scheduled a new examination of photographs in Dmitriev’s case”, 7×7 – Horizontal Russia — https://7×

16 September: Shura Burtin, “Gandalf’s Case: Russia prosecutes man literally digging up its darkest Gulag secrets”, Euromaidan Press — long-read *

18 September:  Halya Coynash, “Russia honours founders of the Soviet Terror, jails historian who uncovered their victims”, Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group


11 October: Jay Nordlinger, “The Grave-Hunter, Hunted”, The National Review (USA)

11 October: Jay Nordlinger, “With My Own Bare Hands”, The National Review (USA)

12 October: “Petrozavodsk court rejected petitions of Dmitriev’s lawyer and prolonged the term of his arrest”, 7×7 – Horizontal Russiahttps://7×

15 October: “Court Extends Dmitriev’s Custody to Late January 2018”, The Russian Reader (R source: Chernika, 12 October)

16 October: editorial, “Counting Putin’s Victims”, Weekly Standard (USA)

16 October: Short items – last about petition in support of Dmitriev, The

(December 2016-October 2017 —
Compiled by Mary Pat Campbell)


3 November: Steven Derix, “Commemoration of Stalin’s victims is too political in Putin’s Russia”, (“Slachtoffers van Stalin herdenken is te politiek in Poetins Rusland”, in Dutch)

3 November: “The present Russian ruler is the spiritual heir of those who carried out the mass shootings at Sandarmokh, says researcher Sergiy Shevchenko” (Interview), Radio Svoboda (in Ukrainian)