Many people and publications deserve credit for the appearance of this website. It is based almost entirely on the work of others. Our task has been to bring those articles, reports, photographs and video clips together in one place and impose a basic consistency on their description and translation in English.

(For WordPress afficionados: the Template or Theme used in this website was  created and made freely available by Swedish website designer Anders Noren. It is called “Hemingway Rewritten”.)


Here we would like to say a word of public thanks to the following for the contents of the website :

The translators at Rights in Russia (founded 2010) and, above all, the founder and director of that unique resource, Simon Cosgrove;

The contributors to the Russian-language Facebook page for the historian’s supporters, «Дело Дмитриева», and its administrators;

The team at the English-language Facebook Page “Free Yuri Dmitriev!”: Elizabeth Childs of the Bukovsky Center, Mary Pat Campbell, Paul Boutin and Zoya Barzakh;

Journalists at the news website “7×7 – Horizontal Russia“, especially Anna Yarovaya and Gleb Yarovoi in Petrozavodsk;

and in Moscow Yury Mikhailin who has been responsible for dozens of video interviews filmed and uploaded since early June 2017 to YouTube and other social media.

I would also like to acknowlege the help and unfailing support of Tatiana Lipovskaia and the constant encouragement and unquenchable curiosity of Martin Dewhirst.

John Crowfoot
Norfolk, England

25 October 2017