A “demonstratively unlawful” decision

Interviewed this morning on Echo Moskvy radio station, DMITRIEV’s defence attorney Victor Anufriev since December 2016 said he would appeal against the new sentence.

… this sentence, in my view, is demonstratively unlawful. This is the THIRD time there has been a judicial hearing, and it’s the only occasion on which the court totally ignored every one of my petitions, including those aimed at securing evidence which proved Yury Dmitriev’s innocence.

One hundred per cent (100%) of my petitions were rejected. In other words, the court moved towards a predefined goal and clearly favoured the prosecution.”

Echo Moskvy, 28 December 2021
(10.38 am Moscow Time)

“An outrageous decision”

The appeal hearings at the High Court of Karelia on 16, 22 and 29 September took place in the absence of Victor Anufriev who has been DMITRIEV’S defence attorney since 2016 (he is self-isolating because of Covid-19).

In a telephone interview, Anufriev told Zoya Svetova that he had been in constant touch with the attorney [Artyom Cherkasov] appointed to represent Dmitriev after the court refused his client’s lawful demand to postpone the proceedings until Anufriev was able to attend.

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“200 indecent questions”

In summer 2018 further charges of forced sexual acts against his daughter Natasha were brought against Dmitriev. These accusations are based on new testimony by Natasha and her grandmother, neither of whom testified against Dmitriev during the first trial.


Victor M. Anufriev

After the second trial began, Yury Dmitriev’s lawyer, Victor Anufriev, was interviewed by Alexander Valiyev of the Russian Service of Radio France Internationale.


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Press conference, 6 June 2017

Soon after DMITRIEV’s first trial began there was a press conference of his supporters in Moscow. Those speaking and answering journalists’ questions were:

Olga Kerzina — director of the Moscow International Film School, godmother of Dmitriev’s foster daughter Natasha — 6 minutes

Anatoly Razumov — head of “Their Names Restored“, a centre at the National Library in St Petersburg gathering Books of Remembrance from all over Russia about the victims of Stalinism, the Leningrad Blockade, and the Second World War — 18 minutes

Katerina Klodt — from Petrozavodsk, Karelia. Dmitriev’s daughter by his first marriage — 4 minutes

Victor Anufriev — Dmitriev’s defence attorney, from late 2016 until the present — 30 minutes

Sergei Krivenko — International Memorial Society and at that time a member of the Russian President’s consultative Council on Human Rights.

See also July 2020 press conference

held online the press conference was addressed by Natalya Solzhenitsyn, Alexander Sokurov, Anatoly Razumov and Victor Anufriev among others