Another look at those nine photographs?

At the Supreme Court hearing on 22 September in Petrozavodsk, Judge Rats requested another expert assessment of the photographs on Yury DMITRIEV’s home computer that formed the pretext for his arrest on 13 December 2016.

From Nikita Girin’s two detailed articles this July in Novaya gazeta we have learned which among the 140 plus photographs taken of his foster daughter between 2008 and 2015 were selected to support a charge of child pornography against the historian, and why.

Since January 2017, it has been possible for the general public in Russia and abroad to get some idea of what the bulk of the photos display after they were, quite improperly, leaked to a national TV channel and shown as “evidence” of the moral degradation of both Dmitriev and the Memorial Society. In that programme Russian viewers were told that the photos were vile and pornographic (they would not be regarded as such by most outside observers).

In an account of each occasion since 2016 when the issue of the photos has arisen, Anna Nepershina has listed previous assessments of the photographs and the court’s verdict in April 2018 and again in July 2020: on both occasions DMITRIEV was found not guilty of producing child pornography.

(See Timeline of First Trial for more detail.)

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What’s going on?

Posted at 3 pm local time, Tuesday, 22 September

It’s simply appalling, what’s happening in Petrozavodsk today. The appeals are being heard, but without the defence attorney. Anufriev’s petition to delay the hearing until he was out of quarantine was not upheld.

Who the court-appointed attorney is, no one knows. What’s going on in the courtroom, no one knows. There’s a police cordon outside the entry to the court building: no one is allowed inside.

The prosecution has demanded that the sentence be increased to 13 years. On what grounds, no one knows.

What we can do and how we can defend a totally innocent man, no one can tell us. Meanwhile, the prosecutor has no end of voluntary helpers in the social media.

Pray for Yury Dmitriev today, people! He is quite innocent, but now he is in mortal danger!

Lena Sannikova, veteran activist
(imprisoned 1984-1987 for human rights activities)

Update: Dmitriev to defend himself

Yury DMITRIEV, apparently, has rejected the services of the local, court-appointed attorney, who was to take the place of the sick Victor Anufriev. Instead, he will defend himself at Tuesday’s hearing of the Supreme Court over a video link from the city detention centre that is technically far from ideal.

The hearing begins on Tuesday, 22 September, at 10 am.

(Information from 7×7 news website and other sources)

Hearing goes ahead — without Anufriev

The hearing at Karelia’s Supreme Court of defence and prosecution appeals against the 22 July verdict in the DMITRIEV trial will go ahead tomorrow despite the absence of Victor Anufriev, the attorney who has led Dmitriev’s defence since December 2016.

Postponed for a week at Anufriev’s request (he is self-isolating), the hearing will begin at 10 am on Tuesday, 22 September at 27 Kirov Street in Petrozavodsk. Yury DMITRIEV is to be represented by a local, court-appointed lawyer. Dmitriev himself will take part via video-link from the city’s detention centre; tomorrow, as throughout the two previous trials, public and press are not admitted to the courtroom.

As usual Dmitriev supporters, from near and far, will travel to Petrozavodsk in solidarity.

Dmitriev supporters outside the Supreme Court of Karelia, 16 September 2020