“A photo of a naked child is not pornography”

7×7 interview with Victor Anufriev

Yury DMITRIEV, head of Memorial in Karelia, is to remain in custody. On 29 December, the High Court of Karelia heard an appeal for a change in the measure of restraint imposed on the historian until mid-February 2017. He was arrested for allegedly preparing child pornography. The investigation claims that he took pictures of his naked foster daughter. Dmitriev declares he is innocent of the charge.

Victor M. Anufriev

Dmitriev’s defence attorney says that the photographs were intended for the Agency for Guardianship and Foster Care. The photos he took over several years monitored the physical condition of his foster daughter. Now these materials form the basis for a criminal case. In the corridor of the High Court, Moscow attorney Victor Anufriev offered his commentary to the press.


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