Court agrees to new assessment of evidence

Dmitriev’s lawyer Viktor Anufriev asked the court for a new or repeat expert assessment of the photographs of his daughter that the specialists of the Centre for Sociocultural Expert Assessments considered to be pornographic. On 15 September Judge Marina Nosova decided that the examination would be conducted by one of the institutions of St. Petersburg.

anufriev, victor talking to journalists, 25 August 2017

Victor Anufriev briefing journalists (photo, 7×7)

According to Anufriev, the court partially satisfied his and prosecutor’s petitions. The prosecutor also insisted on conducting a new examination, but asked to analyse only nine pictures from the historian’s home archives. The lawyer assumes that the prosecution will try to form a position, according to which Dmitriev could not photograph the girl for medical purposes.

As before, Yury Dmitriev was brought to the court session, accompanied by several bailiffs. His colleagues, relatives and friends came to support him. The meeting was held behind closed doors. The court will hear a new assessment of experts on 11 October. […]

7×7 – Horizontal Russia