with the Communications Oversight Agency
[Roskomnadzor] in mind


The “Law on the Mass Media” forbids disclosure (article 4) of personal information about the under-age victims of unlawful activities. Out of consideration for the girl’s own safety, no personal data about Yury Dmitriev’s adopted daughter (her name, date of birth, place of residence or place of study), therefore, will be disclosed here.

The law forbids us not only from disclosing this data, however, but also any “other information” that could lead to the child being indirectly identified. If the relevant authorities so choose, we understand, anything could be considered “other information”. At the same time, the law permits publication of such information (article 41) for the purposes of investigating a crime and uncovering the persons involved in committing a crime.

We consider this to be just such a case. In our view the real crime against a child was committed by the instigators of the prosecution, not by the accused.

We are certain that this publication will serve to ensure close public supervision of the case.

13 July 2020