3 November 1937

Andriy Stepanovich PANIV was shot at Sandarmokh eighty years ago. He was one of 1,116 prisoners, marked for execution, who were shipped from Solovki to the mainland in autumn 1937.

Born 1899, Paniv was a rural schoolteacher in Ukraine (1918-1923), a writer, poet, journalist and translator. Before his arrest, he lived in the “Word” building in Kharkiv, then the capital of Soviet Ukraine.

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September 2016 – just before the arrest

Yury Dmitriev in his Petrozavodsk apartment

Yury Dmitriev at home (28 Sept 2016)

(photo, Hester den Boer)

On Friday, 13 December 2016,  the police knocked at the door and arrested the 60-year-old historian.

Dmitriev has been held in custody ever since, at the city’s Detention Centre No 1. In early June 2017 his trial began at the Petrozavodsk City Court (see Timeline). Recently, his term of preventative custody was extended until late January 2018.

OCTOBER 2017 – video clips

Video Clips since June 2017 (complete list)

The letter E following a clip indicates
that an English text is available, in part (e) or as a whole [E]

Gleb Pavlovsky (political commentator) – 28 October

Georgy Frangulyan (sculptor) – 27 October [e]

Leonid Weintraub (art specialist) – 22 October

Andrei Makarevich (rock musician) – 19 October [e]

Vladimir Martynov (composer) – 16 October [E]

Ludmila Ulitskaya (writer) – 11 October
plus footage of Yury DMITRIEV in 2007 and 2014 [E]

Yury Norstein (animated film-maker) – 1 October

Natalya Solzhenitsyn (president of Solzhenitsyn Foundation) – 1 October

Lev Shlosberg (journalist and politician) – 1 October