Can we expect a Year of Compassion?

“The past twelve months have been difficult and for many, and in many ways, it has not a compassionate year,” writes ANATOLY RAZUMOVSKY in a New Year’s Greeting on the Books of Remembrance website.

“In addition, it was a year of woeful anniversaries.

“One hundred years since Russian history was derailed [October 1917], since the creation of Soviet punitive agencies [December 1917] and the transition to Lenin’s Red Terror. It was also eighty years since Stalin’s Great Terror [1937-1938]. 

Razumovsky, Alexander (photo, Steven Derix)

Anatoly Razumov at Krasny Bor (photo, Steven Derix)

“Can we expect a year of compassion, a new era of compassion?

“No, friends, do not count on it. Help one another. Do not abandon your work. Do not raise a forgetful generation.

“Thanks to all for their support, to those who take part in the work of compiling Books of Remembrance about these evil deeds. Thanks to all who helped my friend and colleague Yury Dmitriev, during his past year in captivity.

Good health!

Respectfully yours

St Petersburg, 31 December 2017, 10.37 pm”
Their Names Restored: Russia’s Books of Remembrance