Telling the truth about Stalin and the Great Terror gets historians arrested in Russia

Russia laid on a huge military parade on 27 January 2019 to mark the 75th anniversary of the ending of the Siege of Leningrad.  Kremlin-loyal media and commentators whipped up a hate campaign, worthy of their Soviet predecessors, against German journalist, Silke Bigalke, who had criticized this “dancing on the bones” of the million Leningrad residents who died during the Siege,  There were, in fact, many Russians who felt disturbed by a military parade, rather than sombre remembrance of the victims, including some historians.
moscow picket, 28 january


“Yury Dmitriev named the victims of Stalin’s Terror, let him go free!”
One-person picket on Dmitriev’s birthday, 28 January

(For six hours, one demonstrator after another maintained this protest outside the offices of the Presidential Administration in Moscow)

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