Excavations in the heart of Sandarmokh

Memorial observers of RMH Society excavation

Memorial observers monitor the activities of the Russian Military History Society

I can’t look calmly at this photo. In the very heart of Sandarmokh, between commemorative stones and plaques on the trees, they are now digging up the graves.

I have one question.

If someone came along and started digging up a memorial to the soldiers of the Great Patriotic War [1941-1945] would everyone accept it so easily? Or would people pause for thought and decide that you cannot do such things?

The photo was taken by girls from Memorial who have been monitoring this lawless behaviour for four days now at Sandarmokh. [They can be seen to the left of the uniformed Military History excavators.]

Anna Yarovaya, Facebook post by the former 7×7 website correspondent

(She and her family today live in Finland)