Prosecution demands 15 years strict regime for Dmitriev

In his closing statement the prosecutor at Yury DMITRIEV’s trial in Petrozavodsk has demanded that he be sentenced to 15 years imprisonment in a strict regime penal colony.

Dmitriev’s defence attorney, in this trial as in that which ended in April 2018, is Victor Anufriev. He will now present the closing statement for the defence.

The last of the currently scheduled hearings at the City Court in the capital of Karelia is due to take place on Thursday this week. It seems unlikely that the verdict will be announced that day.

At any rate, Memorial will hold a press conference the following day in Moscow, entitled “On the Eve of a Verdict”. This suggests that a further date will be scheduled on Thursday for the announcement of the verdict. This should be sometime before Dmitriev’s current term of custody ends on 25 July. But can anyone guarantee that custody will not be prolonged again, for another month?