A Time to Speak Out

Today the Supreme Court of Karelia is hearing appeals from prosecution and defence against the verdict pronounced at Yury DMITRIEV’s trial on 22 July this year.

The prosecution has slightly “softened” its demands: now it is asking not for 15 but 13 years’ imprisonment. The defence, as before, demands that Dmitriev be cleared of all charges.

We must stand together today, in thought and word and deed, and say: No, we have not given up, we have not shut up and gone away, we are NOT happy with this verdict, even if it is the best possible in the circumstances. Our banner reads “Not Guilty!”


The more people who stand with Yury DMITRIEV today and tomorrow, the clearer this cruel absurdity will appear, and the falsehood of all the foul accusations first made by the screenwriters and directors of this mediocre production.

Under the guise of “concern for the rights of the child” this Evil draws strength from those who relish the slander while pretending to possess greater knowledge. Let’s show this Evil it is not invincible.

It’s important for Natasha. Yury Dmitriev’s adopted daughter should know that her father is a man of irreproachable decency. He never wished or did her harm: the involvement of countless others confirms this truth. The word on the other side of our banner reads “Solidarity!”

Now is the time to speak out. The hearing began at 10 am Moscow Time.

Julia Panich
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