Petersburg to examine appeal by end of February

Evidently, there will be no hearing at the Petrozavodsk City Court today. Dmitriev’s attorney Victor Anufriev made the journey from Moscow to the Karelian capital and arrived at the courthouse at 10 am. There he waited outside closed doors until 11 am when he learned that Judge Khomyakova was hearing another case elsewhere in the building.

All the case materials linked to Yury DMITRIEV’s two trials were sent to the Third Cassation Court in St Petersburg on 21 December. The court is allotted two months from the date of their receipt in which to examine the appeal. That brings us to 23 February 2021, i.e., the date, approximately, when Dmitriev’s current term of custody expires.

Natalya Dyomina
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24 December 2020