Same charges, same court

For a third time Yury DMITRIEV is on trial in Petrozavodsk, before a different judge and prosecutor. There has been a second attempt to replace Yury DMITRIEV’s defence attorney Victor Anufriev.

On Friday, 2 April 2021, the third trial of Yury Dmitriev was resumed at the Petrozavodsk City Court (the proceedings were halted for several months while the Third Cassation Court in St Petersburg considered the case). Two times the Karelian High Court has rejected favourable verdicts by the court in Petrozavodsk and returned the charges for re-examination.

Some changes became apparent on Friday, writes Irina Galkova of Memorial. Judge Khomyakova again tried to appoint a new defence attorney but although the latter, Konstantin Kashcheyev, came to court he refused to take part since Dmitriev’s attorney Victor Anufriev had come from Moscow to defend him. Like the previous two trials the hearings are held behind closed doors, but the judge lifted the Covid-19 restrictions and the historian’s supporters could once again stand in the corridor of the courthouse and cheer him as he passed. This time round, however, the judge is treating Dmitriev not as someone on trial but as a person already convicted and that results in a great many restrictions and prohibitions although he is being held, as before, in the city at Karelia’s detention centre No 1.

The next hearing in Petrozavodsk will take place on Tuesday, 6 April.