At present there is a lull in the judicial proceedings. His lawyer Victor Anufriev says that the case files for both of Dmitriev’s trials remain in Moscow with the Supreme Court.

On 19 October Anufriev challenged the decision of the Court not to examine the appeal he submitted on his client’s behalf in June this year. His challenge was sent to Vyacheslav Lebedev, chairman of the Supreme Court, and as a result the hearings in Petrozavodsk will not resume at least until 19 November.

“This would be the third time the Petrozavodsk City Court has issued a verdict,” commented Anufriev. “He has already been acquitted twice on these charges [making pornographic photos]. These days, especially, to acquit someone twice, to release him and then return the case for re-examination is unprecedented.”

The case of Yury Dmitriev has continued for almost five years.

In December 2016 Yury DMITRIEV was charged with taking pornographic photos of his foster daughter. In 2018 he was acquitted but several months later the verdict was overturned by the Karelian High Court.

In 2018 a new charge of acts of sexual violence against his foster daughter was brought and in July 2020 the Petrozavodsk City Court sentenced the historian to 3 ½ years in a penal colony for that crime.

On 29 September Judge Alla Rats of the Karelian High Court increased Dmitriev’s sentence for this offence to 13 years in a strict-regime penal colony; the court also overturned the acquittal in both trials for the other offences and returned those charges for a third examination by the Petrozavodsk City Court.

Anna Yarovaya, Sever real, 29 October 2021