A late (early) Christmas present?

The verdict and sentence in the third Dmitriev trial will not be announced until 11 am on 27 December. That’s the latest news from Petrozavodsk (thanks to Sasha Kononova).

Yury Alexeyevich DMITRIEV (b. 1956)

Earlier she reported that the defence had offered its concluding remarks today. Defence attorney Roman Masalyev was due to join Victor Anufriev. Then Yury DMITRIEV would say his FINAL WORDS to the court.

Remarks on an anniversary

Yesterday was the 5th anniversary of Yury DMITRIEV’s first arrest

Lawyer Victor Anufriev, speaking on 13 December 2018

On this second anniversary we must remember another date, 5 April 2018. Then Yury Alexeyevich was acquitted by the Petrozavodsk City Court. That day filled many of us with the hope —

  • that we can and should fight for someone if we are sure he is innocent;
  • that a lawful and just verdict is possible today for a Russian citizen who finds himself trapped in the clutches of our judicial system.

During a break in the proceedings, 13 December 2021

Anatoly Razumov (left) and Victor Anufriev at the Petrozavodsk City courthouse

Today, of course, we must also remember with thanks those who, for a year and more, have willingly given their money, time, and energy to support our efforts as we fight the vile and unfounded charges against Yury DMITRIEV.

He has selflessly given 30 years of his life to restore the names of the victims of the Great Terror. We hope that all of us, but especially Yury Dmitriev, will see another 5 April. I feel sure it will happen.