Defence demand new assessment of photographic evidence

The defence team of Karelian historian Yury Dmitriev will petition the court for a new or repeat expert assessment of the photographs of his daughter that the specialists of the Centre for Sociocultural Expert Assessments considered to be pornographic. This was made known on 7 September, writes 7×7’s correspondent, at the latest hearing of the case against the historian at the Petrozavodsk City Court.

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Petrozavodsk picket in support of Dmitriev

On 8 July, about fifty people gathered on the Student Boulevard in Petrozavodsk for a mass picket “In support of the historian Yuri Dmitriev and Freedom for Political Prisoners in Russia!” Acquaintances, friends, colleagues, and those who are just concerned for the arrested leader of the Karelian ‘Memorial’ organisation, turned out with banners to protest against the prosecution of the historian.

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Government unlikely to attend Day of Remembrance

In a letter to Artur Parfyonchikov, the chairman of the Presidential Human Rights Council, Mikhail Fedotov, has requested that the acting head of the Karelian Republic support the idea of holding yearly commemoratove gatherings on 5 August to mark the beginning of the Great Terror. It is the 80th anniversary of that tragic event this year. It is unlikely that the Government of Karelia will be present at such an event, since it is already taking part in official commemorative events on 30 October. The site of mass burials at Sandarmokh was uncovered in 1997. [Summary]

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Dmitriev arrested after anonymous denunciation

Yury Dmitriev categorically denies he is guilty. He took photos of his 11-year-old adoptive daughter as a record of her state of health, said Sergei Krivenko, citing the words of Dmitriev’s defence attorney Victor Anufriev.

According to Krivenko, when Dmitriev adopted the girl [Natasha] she was very thin, one might say emaciated, and the adoption agency ordered Dmitriev to follow her development closely. The day before his arrest, said Krivenko, the prosecutor’s office were informed anonymously that such photos could be found on Dmitriev’s computer. Who might have learned of their existence, and how, is for the time being incomprehensible.

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