New assessment of evidence will not be ready before mid-December

The new assessment of the photographs that constitute the main evidence against Yury Dmitriev will not be ready until mid-December, his attorney Victor Anufriev told journalists after today’s court hearing. This also affects any decision about the future measure of restraint for the Gulag researcher who is now entering his 12th month in custody.  Tomorrow the court will hear a defence petition to allocate the assessment to a more competent and legitimate body.

Strogalshikov-i-Klodt (29 Nov 17)

Boris Strogalshchikov with Ekaterina Klodt, Yury Dmtriev’s daughter, in the corridor of the Petrozavodsk courthouse (Wednesday, 29 November 2017; photo, Valery Potashov)

Open Russia, 29 November 2017