A few suggestions

To followers of the “Dmitriev Affair” [R] Facebook page

Yury Dmitriev is now in Moscow, in custody (temporarily) at Butyrka Prison. He should be transferred after the holidays [on 2 January] to the Serbsky Institute where he will undergo the examination scheduled by the court.

Тhis procedure is expected to take 30 days. The final decision reached by the court will depend on the objectivity of this [psychiatric] assessment. As everyone realises, there are risks involved. There are also now real prospects that Yury Dmitriev will be released. 


Butyrka Prison, Moscow (2010)

A few simple suggestions:

♦  There is no need, for the time being, to write letters to Yury Dmitriev at the Detention Centre in Petrozavodsk.

♦  Do not encourage panic or exacerbate the situation. Today the Serbsky Institute is not what it was in Soviet times.

♦  We urge you not to use insulting or rude phrases about those who have been hounding Dmitriev (or about anyone else). That will only hinder the main purpose for which this group was created — to save Yury Dmitriev.

Please, do not settle your virtual rows with enemies here. As the administrators of this group we shall be forced to remove, without warning, all publications and commentaries that contain insults, swear words, various wishes that others “drop dead”, and so on.

♦  Let’s be positive and focus on what we can do: discuss specific actions in the present circumstances; pray in support of Yury Alexeyevich; accumulate energy that we can in our thoughts transfer to him.

Only our positive and combined efforts can turn this case around.

Daniil Saksonov

On behalf of the FB page administrators
Friday, 29 December 2017


The Dmitriev Affair Facebook page («Дело Дмитриева» in Russian) presently has over four thousand followers.