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To followers of the “Dmitriev Affair” [R] Facebook page

Yury Dmitriev is now in Moscow, in custody (temporarily) at Butyrka Prison. He should be transferred after the holidays [on 2 January] to the Serbsky Institute where he will undergo the examination scheduled by the court.

Тhis procedure is expected to take 30 days. The final decision reached by the court will depend on the objectivity of this [psychiatric] assessment. As everyone realises, there are risks involved. There are also now real prospects that Yury Dmitriev will be released.  Continue reading

Prosecution turns to punitive psychiatry as trial collapses

A second expert assessment has effectively overturned the entire case against YURY DMITRIEV, renowned Russian historian and head of the Karelia branch of Memorial (writes Halya Coynash).

There is no immediate sign that this judicial travesty is ending, with the prosecutor immediately demanding yet another assessment of the photos which experts found no pornographic content in, and that Dmitriev be placed for ‘tests’ in a psychiatric institution.  The court agreed to both, however did reject the prosecutor’s application for a further three months in detention.  Whether Dmitriev will be released on 28 January 2018, his 62nd birthday, remains to be seen, given the clear attempts underway to save the prosecution.  Continue reading