Japanese daily’s two items about Dmitriev

The mass-circulation Japanese daily Sankei Shimbun opened a series of 80 articles to mark the centenary of the October 1917 Revolution with two items (25-26 October 2017) concerning the Dmitriev Affair: “The prisoners who disappeared. Over five days 1,111 people were shot in the forest” and “The historian who discovered where the victims of Stalin were buried is himself being persecuted”.

Russian supporters’ Facebook page,
10 February 2018

Next court hearing, 27 February

The Dmitriev case, together with the results of his Serbsky Institute assessment, has been returned to Petrozavodsk City Court.  The next hearing is scheduled for 27 February, at 10.30 am. “It is important to come to court that day, to support Yury Dmitriev and to show that public interest in his case has not weakened,” commented page administrator Daniil Saksonov.

Russian supporters’ Facebook page
8 February 2018