Only three hearings to go?

“It’s very important to gather people for the last three hearings, we hope, at the Petrozavodsk city courthouse,” wrote Daniil Saksonov on 2 March. The court would again hear the Dmitriev case on Wednesday, 14 March, and on Tuesday and Thursday, 20 and 22 March, respectively.

“It would be a pity, you must agree, if the corridors were full of sympathisers at all the court hearings hitherto and now, when we’re in the home straight, they were suddenly empty. Especially since a wonderful opportunity has appeared to spend some time with YURY ALEXEYEVICH [Dmitriev] after the hearing. On Wednesday, 14 March, for instance, he will guide people around the Krasny Bor memorial complex. Events are being arranged for the other two days, as well.

“Will anyone who can go to Petrozavodsk on one of those three days, please write in person to Yury Mikhailin, Sasha Kononova or myself [all three are from the Moscow International Film School],

Daniil Saksonov, 2 March 2018
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after 27 February 2018 hearing

27 February, Petrozavodsk. Yury DMITRIEV (standing right) with friends and supporters

The photo shows (bottom left) Dmitriev’s attorney, Victor Anufriev, and his daughter, Katerina Klodt; (bottom right) Marietta Chudakova; half way down the table, and opposite one another, Olga Drobot (l. seated) of the Free Word association and standing (r.) Sasha Kononova of the Moscow Film School.

That same day YURY DMITRIEV showed visitors and locals around the Zaretsky Graveyard in Petrozavodsk where, on 30 October 1991, he and the late Ivan Chukhin reinterred the bones of those shot on the present-day sites of the military base at Besovets and the Sulazhgora quarry.