Detention Centre No. 1, Petrozavodsk

photo Darya Poryadinova, SOTA TV

This is where Yury DMITRIEV has been held, apart from outings to the courthouse, since June 2018.

During his first trial the measure of restraint was eased during the last six months from custody at Detention Centre 1 to an agreement not to leave Petrozavodsk. If he is convicted next week and the prosecution gets its way it will be a long while before DMITRIEV is a free man again.

His grown daughter Katya has stood by her father through all the ordeals of the past five years. She wrote publicly that she felt like screaming and expressed the gloomy prospects in the following formula: (15 – 4.5) + 65 = ?? [the sentence minus time served, plus Dmitriev’s current age, equals her uncertainty about his chances of survival in the camps].

In September 2020, the Karelian High Court increased his sentence from 3.5 to 13.5 years. The prosecution in this third trial have just demanded a sentence of 15 years in a strict-regime penal colony.