“What does Memorial have to hide?”

On 10 January 2017 while the charges against Yury DMITRIEV were still being investigated the nationwide, State-funded Rossiya-24 TV channel broadcast a 13-minute report entitled “What does the Memorial Society have to hide?”

It talked about the International Memorial Society based in Moscow which has been officially designated a “foreign agent” since October 2016.

The report also referred to the Dmitriev Case (he is head of Memorial in Karelia) and showed several photographs of a naked girl, supposedly from the health diary Dmitriev kept between 2008 and 2015 to monitor the growth and development of his foster daughter Natasha. In a statement during the report one of the investigators claimed that some of these images had been shared on the “dark net”. Dmitriev’s common-law wife [Irina], on the other hand, was quoted as saying contemptuously that they were “normal family photos”.

The voice-over when the photographs were shown stated: “Such images can only arouse feelings of disgust and revulsion in any normal person”.

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“A photo of a naked child is not pornography”, first interview with DMITRIEV’S defence lawyer Victor Anufriev, 7×7: Horizontal Russia, 29 December 2016

PS — Rossiya-TV has blocked direct access to this report from our website. It can still be viewed on YouTube.