Rossiya-24 (video)

“What does the Memorial Society have to hide?” The 13-minute report (10 January 2017) on the nationwide Rossiya-24 TV channel in which several of the photographs  from the health diary of Dmitriev’s adopted daughter, subsequently assessed to be “pornographic”, were shown.

In a statement in this recording the investigator claimed that some of these images had been shared on the “dark net”. Dmitriev’s common-law wife was quoted, contemptuously, as saying that they were “normal family photos”.

The voice-over when the photographs  are shown states: “Such images can only arouse feelings of disgust and revulsion in any normal person”.

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  • “A photo of a naked child is not pornography”, interview with defence lawyer Victor Anufriev, 7×7 – Horizontal Russia, 29 December 2016