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memorial blue logoOn 13 December 2016, Yuri Dmitriev, historian, GULAG scholar, and chairman of the Karelian Memorial Society, was arrested in Petrozavodsk on the basis of an anonymous denunciation. He spent five months in detention before his case went to court on 1 June 2017.

[… ] We ask:

  1. For an independent and qualified expert evaluation of the photographic materials.
  2. For the right of the defendant and his lawyer to receive all the materials in the case (including the photographs that are the only basis for the accusation).

  3. For a change in the measure of restraint for Yuri Dmitriev.


To read the petition in full (it is also available in German), and to sign this appeal to the Chairman of the Petrozavodsk City Court and the Chairman of the Supreme Court of Karelia, go to

(As of 14 October 2017,
2,057 people have signed the petition)

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Yury Dmitriev (b. 1954)

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Protests in Petrozavodsk, New York, and Chelyabinsk

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Remembrance at the Sandarmokh and Krasny Bor memorial cemeteries