“Restoring the Names”, 2017

“From 10 am to 10 pm on Sunday, 29 October, we shall be reading out the names of the victims of political repression here in Moscow,” announces an item on the Restoring the Names page on Facebook. “The Memorial Society has organised this event for ten years, ever since 2007. One after another, people will get up and read from the list. Yet thus far we have barely read half of the names of  the 40,000 people executed in and around Moscow during the pre-war period.”

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Remember Sandarmokh & the Imprisoned Historian of the Terror

“It is exactly 80 years since the killing by quota began of Ukrainian, Russian and other prisoners from the notorious Solovki Labour Camp,” writes HALYA COYNASH for the website of the Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group. “From 27 October to 4 November 1937, 1,111 prisoners were executed by the NKVD, including 289 Ukrainian writers, playwrights, scientists and other members of the intelligentsia.” Their bodies, like those of nearly eight thousand other victims shot in the vicinity, were tossed into burial pits at Sandarmokh in Karelia (Russia) and remained lost until 1997.

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Georgy Frangulyan (video)

Sculptor of the monument
“to the Victims of Political Repression”

(to be opened in Moscow on 30 October 2017)

“In my view, what has happened is appalling, it’s tragic. A man has devoted a part of his life, most of his life, to a cause few would be able to serve. There are few people who could subject themselves, subject their soul to such an activity. He has done a great deal for all of us — so that not one of us will forget; so that each one of us knows and remembers; so that it may never happen again.

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