Prosecutor wants Dmitriev locked up in a madhouse

After the court-appointed assessment did not find child pornography in any of the photographs in the Dmitriev case, the prosecution, represented by YELENA ASKEROVA, Petrozavodsk city prosecutor, petitioned for a new assessment to be made of the photos of YURY DMITRIEV’s foster daughter.

Furthermore, Ms Askerova once again recommended that the court approach a private firm, not a State expert organisation.

She did not stop there, however. 

Askerova, Yelena (Petrozavodsk city prosecutor)
Ms Yelena Askerova, Petrozavodsk City Prosecutor

As VICTOR ANUFRIEV, Yury Dmitriev’s defence attorney, told journalists Ms Askerova expressed doubts about the psychological state of the middle-aged researcher of Stalin’s purges, “against the background of his possible perverted sexual inclination”.  Anufriev added:

“She declared that Dmitriev should be given a psychiatric examination as an in-patient. Where is a private company going to find its own psychiatric institution? That’s our first question. Two, is Dmitriev in need of compulsory medical treatment on the basis of this ‘morbid sexual inclination’? The wish, in other words, is to gain approval for him to be sent to a psychiatric hospital.”

The head of the Memorial Society in Karelia, Yury Dmitriev, has already undergone a psychiatric assessment during the investigation of the case. Doctors at the Karelian Republic’s psychoneurological clinic found him sane. Furthermore, as defence attorney Anufriev described earlier, the forensic assessment confirmed that no “sexual motives of any kind” were involved in preparing photographs of his foster-daughter, “merely the aim of monitoring her state of health”.

Anufriev talking to supporters, 29 Nov (Yarovaya)
Victor Anufriev (r, wearing jacket) talking to Dmitriev supporters

Yury Dmitriev’s defence saw behind the prosecution petition an old Soviet approach: “if you can’t imprison him, then let’s shove him in a psychiatric hospital”. Victor Anufriev was taking the time until Wednesday’s court hearing to prepare objections to the petition submitted by the Petrozavodsk City Prosecutor.

Chernika, 29 December 2017