Vladimir Martynov (video)

The 60th video clip made in support
of Yury Dmitriev is by the composer Vladimir Martynov:

“I’ve not met Yury Dmitriev, but this case has already reached such proportions that I have also become concerned. Especially since the charges are such a cliche. They are being used, in fact, to conceal the resistance of certain powerful institutions to a cause that worries me acutely, as it does many Russian people. It is a resistance to the work linked to the investigation of mass graves and the exposure of such cases.

“And their resistance takes such an ugly form. To cast doubt on Dmitriev’s relations with his adoptive daughter is vile, but perhaps, to some degree, it is in the spirit of our present realities. To my mind this confirms that Dmitriev’s cause is just. As far as I’m concerned, I want to express my support for him and say that his cause is just.”


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